Industrious feedback

Industrious feedback

This project had many, many contributors and – while not mentors per se – at some point, it was a topic of many, many conversations with designers of all ilk as well as writers, storytellers of different kinds. I don’t have records of all of these conversations, and when recording the below conversation, I regret not also recording my channel on Cleanfeed too, as it was a genuinely great conversation that had started as a participant/viewer for the video and then later became a – not a critique as such – but a critical read and discussion of the project as a whole.

While I did not record the whole of it, and I do not have my channel and side of the conversation, the below portion, I think, is an appropriate amount to give an idea of the topic and how the conversation went.

It was also important to me to get feedback and a critical review from someone who is not white and not male.

Edited industry/peer/critical feedback

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