Omnes una manet nox. Nov 3

Writing these blog posts is starting to get in the way of the work, though not as much as the impending end of the United States’ democracy.

Prints have been ordered, screens have been set up, requests for participation sent out, books and newspapers set up. Frames and mats have arrived. There is still a lot to do, but there is some waiting involved, and a lot of the design is in fact done – at least for now.

Along with all the maps and found objects and palimpsest, I have been working on a different, more minimal type of palimpsest; just the text from two stories combined, moderately edited to produce new and less controlled outcomes.

There is something rather pleasing the way two pieces become one and take on meaning different from either. In some ways, a very literal way of contrasting views of the city, or showing very different lives that converge and diverge within Los Angeles. Perhaps I like them only because they are so different from the previous pieces, but there is something ‘Exquisite Corpse’ about them, hopefully, there is a modicum of exquisiteness about them too.

Van Nuys to Venice

In addition, I have been trying to create pieces that work as polyptychs. While all pieces work together as an oeuvre, I wanted some to be more obviously connected to encourage the generation of story from the viewer more actively.

The first four panels from a series of six.
Detail of two pieces of writing centred around both the word ‘watching’ and the two protagonists choose to be watching in their lives watching.

I did experiment with printing on other elements of a total piece; in this case the mat and the acrylic. However, while interesting, they felt more decorative, perhaps due to their interchangeability. Or maybe – and more probably – they need more work and be better integrated into the totality of a piece.

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