At which point in a project do influences converge on no longer having influence.
I found German photographer Simon Puschman’s project this week, which is related in its use of garbage from specific locations, but using the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life in visual pieces is hardly a new way of creation.

There is also this fun project:
Each week would bring more examples of similar work being created or work that was made decades ago; be it the use of found objects, palimpsests, overheard conversations. So is what I am doing just boring been done, over-done? The use of palimpsests is like the use of any other medium, it is not merely about the medium.

Everything has been done, nothing is truly new, or, alternatively, everything is truly unique. I like to believe the latter, but I never set out to create something unique, that was not the goal. the goal was to create some pieces that may stir the imaginations of some viewers, their uniqueness is a byproduct.

The question becomes how to measure any type of success, or how to gauge feedback and perhaps tweak for a second round, a different approach. This would be important for this project as it specifically asks the viewer to be the creator or co-creator of the story.
Discussions with both Stuart and Susanna led to thoughts of using video to capture viewers engaging with the work, tracking eyes, asking from written or oral feedback, which in turn could be used in a video palimpsest that approaches the feedback similarly and presents it in audio and visual layers.

I love that idea, I want that. I have no idea, how I am going to do it during a time when we just cannot be close, and are seldom relaxed. I just don’t know currently, what the solution to this is.

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