I have stopped counting

I have stopped counting

Because the weeks are not a divergent sequence, but very much a convergent sequence. We are not adding weeks, we are losing them, and quite quickly.

Therefore, I spent some time this weekend working backwards from December 11and taking into account my own situation, which is basically that no work can get done Wednesday-Friday, so anything due on a Friday, shifts to the Tuesday of that week – as well as the extended handling and shipping times

I tried working backwards from November 3rd, as that day might have a major impact on the work situation, but it is just not feasible.

Deadline is December 11, which immediately moves to December 8th.
So the pdf is due December 8
The pdf has to include the book, pieces and newspaper (maybe), so the book has to arrive December 4 which means it has to be ordered November 20th so the design has to be finished by November 17th, (same day I have to upload the Critical Report) that in turn means photography has to be wrapped up by the 15th, so all printed pieces have to be finished/in-hand by November 14th, which means ordering the screens/prints by…she’s dead of course is how this song ends, but here is the rest of the list working backwards:

October 18 Have all text in hand and digitised (scanned or typed)
October 20 Decision on final concepts/combinations to be executed
October 24th Set up basic book layout and structure
October 27th Set up all artwork for screen burning
October 31st Order screens
November 14th Finish printing
November 15th Photography
November 17th Finish book and Newspaper layout
December 7th Finish PDF layout

So it is really just 10 days until the begin of the execution phase. Fortunately, it feels I am, if not ahead, then at least on track in the sense that I have done quite a bit of testing, collecting, and feedback exercises, so I am almost ready.

Still, it means that I have two weeks left to think and test, not two months.

So there’s that.

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