Nine: Doch

Nine: Doch

The feedback was good, helpful; I think the panel understood what I was doing, but also expanded upon that idea and opened up some more paths. I am not saying that I have abandoned Falmouth and its structure, but the project has taken on its own momentum and I find myself naturally talking about it to as many people as I can.

Through a strange coincidence, I twice stumbled across an artist called Carmen Argote, who states ‘As a multidisciplinary artist, I explore notions of home and place. I respond to architecture and site to reflect on personal histories and on my own immigrant experience. My practice uses the act of inhabiting as a starting point, working within a space and its cultural, economic, and personal context as a material. I work at a human scale and in relationship to how my body inhabits space.

I am hoping to use some of her words about walking in Los Angeles, specifically during the lockdown. These are public-facing words, which I suppose I could use anyway, but I would be interested in hearing her thoughts on the project, or on her words being used out of context.

I was also struggling to figure out if there was a specific typeface that would work best. Should it be one that reflects Los Angeles in some way (as per the previous module) or Highway Gothic, the typeface of the freeways?

As an exercise, I decided to fully develop a typeface from Module 1 GDE710 which is based lettering from a building downtown. I am not sure if or how it might help or be deployed, but it was a nice way to create something while marinating on other things and refraining from noodling around with the same idea for a while.

Signage on which typeface is based.
Carbon Allotrope Sans

Variations on a theme.

Left: New typeface in use over an image of the city and the map.
Right: Map. freeway image, over a map using Avant Garde typeface

I have also continued to look for appropriate potential canvases for future printing, such as old maps, postcards, phone directories, and newspapers.

I’m spending a lot of money on eBay.

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