Week 12 – Living on Video
Living on Video

Week 12 – Living on Video

Quebecois Nostradamus Trans-X predicted in 1983 how I would spend my previous seven weeks. Not sure if that was their intention, though.

So, more videos. They take quite a while to create, so I am not sure that I was particularly excited about having to make another one. The thing is, I genuinely really enjoy making the videos, they are some of my favourite projects, but in week twelve, while finalising a substantial PDF, time is getting scarce. Especially during a pandemic, in which, let’s be very clear, almost everything, just logistically, takes at least five times as long as it used to. Shopping is now as easy as a spacewalk to make repairs on the ISS. Every formerly 2-minute conversation is now a 30-minute zoom call. All my emails seem to have me begin and end with an acknowledgement of the times we live in and best wishes to all, and that isn’t even including the emotional toll, but I digress – though not entirely unintentionally.

I also mention this as I sent Richard multiple emails over the last weekend, partly because he is always helpful, but mostly to see how much extra work he would do. My guess is that Richard would have done this regardless of the current situation. However, many of us are operating on a whole new level of compassion that borders on martyrdom, and I think most of us are happy (if that is the word) to do so. This situation came on suddenly, but also in disguise and stealthily. No one told us to work more, and few of us had ever considered this possibility or situation before. Thus, ill-prepared and untrained for the avalanche of change and assuming any problems or gaps are our failings led us to not once more – but for the first time – unto the breach and close any walls with our bodies.

I purposely sent my emails to Richard after I had had my allotted time with him, long after tutorials were over and during the weekend. He read 1,500-word blog entries. And he still was replying and offering to help with my research, not knowing that he already was. Sorry Richard – just looking at the Customer Journey.
Stuart did this too, and I didn’t even have to ask him, I just signed up for a pastoral tutorial and he read my whole blog – that is an insane level of dedication. And should I have to make this clear – while facing the same, similar, or worse logistical, and emotional struggles previously mentioned.

I believe most people designers are good, and when faced with a novel and problematic situation, they will do everything to help others (others make noise at 8pm.) And I think that is the way it should be in design, in education, and in many other service sectors. You should not be in that business if helping others is not what brings some form of reward. However, I also think corporations and faceless entities with the rights but not the compassion and empathy of humans will take advantage of this. All of which is directly related to my project

But in the words of Prince Paul, now back to our video.
While I wouldn’t say that my proposed solution is a complex concept (something people typically write, when they are definitely concerned that it is too complex a concept), it is certainly a concept that needs some focus and concentration to follow along, and maybe one that does not lend itself to time-based media; the thing is, we live in a time where the preferred medium is time-based, so here we are.

I tried to keep the set-up as simple as possible, eschewing the use of distracting images, and using written words rather than spoken mumbled ones. You can pause and read, you can’t really pause and listen more.

The black background is supposed to be as neutral as possible. Certainly, screens are fairly frequently black and shouldn’t get stuck in anyone’s semiotic craw. Also, colour is a cultural can of worms I didn’t want to open. Of course, black might also just be a reflection of my current mood.

Consciously or subconsciously, it follows a similar structure to this old chestnut, from Studio and Entrepreneurship Module. I think that would be a fair comment. but I liked that video, It works because it is simple, that is what I was going for.

Current version.

Being that I was concerned about the understanding of the concept from the video and of course the concept itself, I showed a couple of people who genuinely had no idea what it was going to be, though they were all (young) designers or creatives.

While I understand that these are fairly easy to fake, the below are genuine responses with no coaching and no previous knowledge of the project.

I’ll take it.

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