Week 11 – My only friend, the end

Week 11 – My only friend, the end

Little to say this week, as it seems it is just grinding out all the things that need to be done by …very soon.

The biggest progress is that the bubbles have gone, as they were too bubbly. There is nothing wrong with bubbles per se, but they evoke perhaps too much softness and friendliness, even unseriousness. It is not that my piece is meant to be heavy, dark, dangerous and scary, but this isn’t Pop-Up video either.

Slowly making progress.

I have stopped calling it a murmuration – not that puns should always be embraced, but if it is a collaboration with schools, not referencing the collective noun for fish would seem like an error. SO it is a Shoal or school of fish, Schools, Shoals, and Stories.

I did find this in the museum’s archive, see also below, which seemed noteworthy

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