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Post cold-war – leads to no nationalism with ruling classes,loyalty only to money Mark Steele

Bernays and Postman and Chomsky

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Photoshop kills truth in imagery

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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

News is for entertainment and profit illustrated here and here and here

Images as subtle stories

Napoleon wasn’t short

In a way, I reject the question. Comparing the way brands and news is presented in nations is not wrong, but for a few decades now, both news and corporations are no longer thinking in terms of nations; borders are meaningless in an electronically connected society, as McCluhan said, “The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village.” Instead, they can focus on new tribes that reside globally connected by ideology and wants.

Local vs Global
There is a very good chance that I use the same news source as someone 5,437 miles away – which is in a way – insane, knife crime in Islington has very little (probably zero) impact on my life. I can quite easily read Iranian news, German news, French, Italian, etc. But not only can I read national news, I can read left-wing Israeli news, right-wing Israeli news, I can choose national news, but more importantly I can choose what flavour of national news I want. What I don’t read is local news I read news globally – maybe nationally, and I vote that way too, I focus on global and national politics, and have no idea who is running for school board or city council, I don’t know what streets are being fixed with my tax dollars, I don’t care, I want to know if Bibi won, or if Brexit is …well, let’s be honest, no one, except, maybe, MAYBE Donald Tusk knows anything about that. budding journalists leave their local markets and move to the coasts and their inherent bias leads to reports that while not false are nor representative of the whole picture. If I walk down to the ocean and fill a cup with its water, it is an honest piece of the Pacific Ocean, but it is not representative of it. There are no fish in it, no kelp, no sharks, etc…you get the idea. It is a genuine sample, but not representative of the whole.

Digital vs Analog
Digital dissemination of data (not information) has also meant that it is quicker and easier than ever for individuals to engage in quasi-journalism, I can post curated stories with which I agree to those that follow me on social media, and social media allows me to also curate from whom I hear, which leads to an echo-chamber, or bubble. I am no longer confronted by any opinion with which I do not agree. Perhaps more importantly, it undermines trust in news. When running a news organisation, putting out a newspaper involved this – (thank you Kris, for the link) which is a lot of investment of both time and money, which one could argue leads to a carefulness. the business profit was directly linked to the accuracy of its reporting. Now there are multiple developments working counter to hat motivation. I can tweet anything for free, I can create a website for very little money and I make most of my money through advertising. Advertisers care about eyeballs, not truth

Netflix – 80 different previews and images per show

Faced with the alternative of trying to understand everything is impossible Simplicity is what we crave and we find that in the echo chambers. There is a comfort in empty sogans or an agreement in beliefs but ultimately, inaction.

The rise of individualism counter to general news and politics, no longer need a representative if I can vice my opinions via twiter, instgram, faceboo, the usual often derided social media

authenticity out of counter culture . change yourself to change society…psycho therapy and authenitic feelings and society changes disappeared – consumer capitalism helps express your identity

you are shaping what they know and you’re shaping above all what you don’t know

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Satire as fact
Brass Eye
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The Mash report
Last Week Tonight
The Colbert Report
John Stewart on why comedy is preferred over news

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