I looked a lot at the future and how technology will or might impact design and design processes, which was, of course, interesting and even exciting, but when it came to actually creating work, I found myself wanting to stay away from ‘what if…’ questions. I wanted to do something that shifted the way a piece was seen in the now. It seems like I have been doing that in a way already, so I wanted to carry on, lean into it, and, because it is the last task, have a bit of fun

On Ends

Page 34 of De Finibus

A homage to Albert Watson – an RCA grad, I believe – who would light, frame and display inanimate objects in such a way that makes the viewer consider them differently, this is a digital recreation of page 34 of H. Rackham’s translation of Cicero’s ‘De finibus bonorum et malorum.

On the one hand it is merely an old book, torn and broken, but – hopefully – the framing elevates it to an artefact that has some meaning or had some impact on the world. And it did, or allegedly did. This is the reason lorem ipsum is used. Due to the layout and the line breaks the word ‘dolorem’ starts on the previous page but is hyphenated, so that it starts with ‘lorem ipsum’

I wanted to show it in its proper context.

The most beautiful thing ever framed

Dance bag, dance…ok, not quite as beautiful
as this

It started as a bit of a joke, but I watched the scene often enough to actually start getting it, I think. Even if it is just a bag floating in the wind, if the viewer believes it to be the most beautiful thing he has ever filmed, then it sort of is. There is a – for lack of a better word – dialogue between creator and viewer; maybe itis not always a dialogue, sometimes just two connected but independent monologues. Also, Alan Ball, the writer of American Beauty based this on an experience of his and makes a connection to Buddhism and seeing miracles within the mundane. So I found a bag and framed it, but I have sort of done that before too, and it is a similar concept to the above book.

Au revoir Les Regulars

Not sure into which category to enter it

This one is about how the medium can affect the message or understanding. I transcribed one of the case studies and displayed it as a film script. The words are exactly the same, but the understanding changes, it becomes at times even difficult to understand, and yet, in audio/visual context, it does make sense.

As for the title, A mishearing of Au Revoir Les Enfants led to the title Reservoir Dogs.

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