Not Concrete Poetry

Not Concrete Poetry

Week Six’s Street Stencils in Echo Park

Week Six crept in this week, which seemed appropriate if not in fact planned. Actually, so did last week as i am still Both the above sidewalk stencils by people just leaving their mark on their neighbourhood, as well as the tiny, faceted, broken, glass glinting in the sun.

I wanted to recreate the street stencil approach, but not actually do it. A less aggressive (or criminal) way of leaving a mark on the city. I thought about projecting the word (or words) on to buildings, although what I really would like is to project old images of locations on the current buildings.

I ultimately decided to screen print onto the pages of The Thomas Guide as a way of printing onto streets. Some I just printed on to one page, some pages I glued together to create a neighbourhood, and others I assembled into a new map and new city. Some I pages I pulled once, some four times. Some I made look vertical, like teh skyscrapers of downtown. I also experimented with monoprinting based on Tom’s advice, which, I think worked very nicely in some instances. It was all very experimental.

Darkroom joy

I like that screen printing is quick to set up, isn’t messy and doesn’t kill your back and doesn’t splatter ink all over the bathroom.

Some prints
Close ups
Monoprinting, painting on ink
I also wanted to see what it looked like on concrete

I would like to revisit this. Ultimately, I would like to print on every page of the Thomas Guide and then leave them hidden in different neighbourhoods as little greetings to strangers; or akin to messages in a bottle and see where they end up. Or revisiting collagraphy and printing objects onto the pages of the location where I found them. However, I am not sure how I feel about the word ‘diamond’ I like the graphic, I like the idea of a hidden diamond, but the word itself already has too many other connotations and feels cliched.

There is also something quite aggressive about covering up existing information, perhaps masking information in a more controlled or considered way, leading to another form of messaging would create something a lot more interesting.

But – fun to screen print again. I’m going to be doing a lot more of that

Some projection experiments. Above the Hotel Cecil – famous for being the background for this. Also famous for this, oh and, this too.

Taking type for a walk

Process write-up is here

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