Kate Moross

I’m not sure I agree with everything she says, but, but her points seem sincere, even valid. And she talks about the DIY mentality, using the internet as a tool to learn anything you want, and observing that the new technology has brought back old processes. She talks about an antiquated industrial education system in which art schools ain’t going to teach you nothing.

While not a member of Gen-Z, she does seem to embody or is an example the positive side of these generations, the collaboration, sharing, fluidity using technology not as a distraction, but as a tool for empowerment.

I guess for me it’s a cliche you can be anything that you want to be but no longer are we defined by a roles such as graphic designer, illustrator, film maker, art director these things are just you know shallow terms for what we really are and what we really give to society and I totally agree with Hemingway design and everything that that he and their company say about our value and our contribution and also you would sound like a jerk you stood up and said I’m a film director I’m an illustrator I’m a graphic designer but I I’m I am NOT those things I do those things do lots of different things …

I do this work and it’s fun and it’s also quite selfish design and it is to get money and collaborate with people but really I too am about sharing and teaching…’

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